Advantages Of Celebrity Advertising

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Chapter 3: Modes of Celebrity Advertising

3. 1Introduction
3.2 Press Celebrity Advertising
3.3 Outdoor Celebrity Advertising
3.4 Electronic Celebrity Advertising

3. 1 Introduction
Marketing mix is one of the essential aspects of marketing, which is said to be the set of controllable variables and their levels which marketer uses to influence the target market. The different tools taken together to reach out and control the target market, are collectively known as the elements of the marketing mix, or the four Ps, including product, price, place, and promotion. Promotion, also referred to as marketing communication, is the way of communicating the information of product, price, and place to the consumers. According to Kotler (2003) it is
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Audio Visual Effect – Due to the presence of audio visual effects in electronic advertising, it makes it more interesting and creates an impact on the minds of viewers for a long time.
2. Demonstration – Due to the presence of audio visual effects, electronic advertising helps the advertisers in effectively demonstrating the advertised product/service.
3. Wide Coverage – Since television and radio have reached to every corner of this world and so is the reach of advertisements through this media. Electronic advertising has a very wide coverage.
4. Emotional Appeal – Electronic advertising helps those advertisements which require emotional appeals and thus help in conveying it very easily to the viewers.
5. Geographical Selectivity – Geographical selection is also available for the electronic advertising. If the advertisement has to be displayed at the local level then it can be easily done and it has to be given on national level then the advertisement can be displayed at national also.
6. Attractive Message – Advertisements displayed through electronic media are more attractive due to the presence of models, celebrities and thus are very effective than any other
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