Advantages Of Celebrity Endorsement

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Celebrities are individuals or characters who are known to a large portion of the general population, primarily because of the publicity associated with their lives. Most celebrity endorsers come from the entertainment world (Whitney Houston in AT & T 's "True Voice" campaign) or the sports world (tennis legends Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert Lloyd for Nuprin). Talk show hosts (Rush Limbaugh for orange juice), business personalities (Lee locacca for Chrysler cars) and politicians (Bill Clinton for a Public service campaign against violence) are also used. Reporters (Dan Rather) educators (Carl Sagan), consumer advocates (Ralph Nader) and Religious leaders (Billy Graham) could also serve as effective endorsers though they may be unwilling
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Using celebrities can help companies to design unique ads and engender a positive effect on the attitude and sales intention towards the brand (Ranjbarian, Shekarchizade & Momeni, 2010). Celebrity endorsement has been applied for many years. The strategy of celebrity endorsement has positive result for both company and celebrity. Using a celebrity, the consumer receives a positive feeling of security and association. Consumers would like to recognize themselves with the celebrity and they buy the product because they would like to be as the celebrity. Advertisements with celebrities therefore establish instant brand awareness and the celebrity impel personality of a…show more content…
2001, page 40). Companies try to find endorsers who are widely seen as trustful and who are seen as honest, believable and dependable (Shimp, 1997). Trustworthiness is the most important factor with concern to the source credibility and impact credibility Moreover, likeability it is mentioned as the most important attribute of trust (Friedman, 1978). Advertisers can establish the highest effect by taking these two factors, liking and trustworthiness, into account. Because it is stated when consumers like a celebrity, they will automatically trust a celebrity ( Friedman, Santeramo & Traina,

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