Advantages Of Cell Phones In School Essay

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“Today’s students are digital natives. Nearly three out of four teenagers have access to a smartphone, and so many students take them to school everyday. For some teachers, it’s probably more uncommon to see a student without one than with one.” This is a quote from the article “5 Benefits of Using Cell phones in School: Smartphones as Learning Tools”, from the site However, are cell phones in the classroom a good idea? Do they serve as a valid learning tool? There are many Divisive articles that state if cell phones should be allowed in school. Cell phones should not be allowed in the classroom because students can manage to use them to cheat on tests, they are distracting, and are easily stolen by other students. First, schools can’t have phones because students can use them to cheat. From the article “Should phones be allowed in school? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.” By Alana Harvey, states “Getting caught cheating results in academic misconduct and expulsion...especially those who are less able of self regulating their phone use.” This means that students can fail many classes for cheating using the phone. Instead of just failing the test, they’ll…show more content…
When considering the conundrum of if phones are beneficial or not beneficial, the choice should obviously be Not beneficial, as they can be taken by others, cheating is done, and they can disturb the students. If cell phones are allowed in school, and although it seems like they are useful in emergencies, students will have trouble during events such as fires, because the mass amounts of cell phones could ruin communication lines, and communication is imperative in the case of an emergency. Many schools have already acquiesced cell phones in school, but they might be reconsidering the choice. Schools should ban cell phones as there are excessive reasons for why cell phones should not be allowed in a classroom, and ultimately, the
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