Advantages Of Chemical Synthesis

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Enzymatic synthesis offers various advantages over chemical synthesis such as lower energy requirement, enhanced selectivity and quality of product [1]. Although aqueous enzymology is extensively used, non-aqueous enzymology grown considerably in recent years for its successive application in pharmaceutical, food, agrochemical, drug, cosmetic industry, fine chemical, flavor and perfumery industry [2]. Chemical reaction are less favored owing to attend problems such as poor reaction selectivity leading to undesirable side products and requires harsh reaction condition [3]. New immobilization techniques make it possible to use enzymes in industrial processes in a similar way to the use of classical catalysts for heterogeneous reactions. Hence,…show more content…
Application of vinyl or isopropenyl esters as the acylating agent for transesterification offers an effective solution to overcome equilibrium because the enol co-product is immediately transformed irreversibly into acetaldehyde or acetone [17–18]. Thus, it was thought worthwhile to study kinetics and mechanism of the transesterification of alcohols with lipases. Even though, enzymes holds wide range of advantages they are not preferred by industries due to their slow rate of reaction and higher cost. So as to overcome this problem, various novel techniques such as microwave, super critical fluid were applied to increase rate of reaction, yield obtained was better than that of conventional process but they also have short coming of sample subjection to higher temperature and formation of undesirable byproducts and frequent use of toxic organic solvent…show more content…
In many situations ultrasound-assisted synthesis is faster and more efficient than conventional process and provides high efficiencies, which does not require to be polar as is the case with microwave assisted synthesis [36]. The main advantages of ultrasound-assisted synthesis versus other techniques such as Microwave assisted, Solid–liquid , Supercritical fluid are lower costs, thanks to the simplicity of the equipment needed and the similar or better yields obtained most times

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