Advantages Of Chinese Cinema

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Hollywood studios in recent years have became very worried whether the Chinese government will allow its films to be played in China’s theaters. This is because most films are being banned by the government because they are not meeting their censors, which results in losing out on hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in box office revenue. As was the case with Disney’s “Captain Philips,” which fell $9 million short of projections after Chinese regulators decided to reject the film because of its overly positive depiction of the U.S. military. In the past years the Chinese film market has been dominated by the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda films. Chinese theaters started showing American movies only in 1994, when the government finally allowed The Fugitive to play in Chinese theaters. As can be seen in a 1991 New York Times article China’s Films: More Propaganda, Less Art, how Chinese government was feeding its people subliminal messages: “This summer the propaganda films are everywhere, and Chinese workers are being organized to see them in the hope that the movies will improve attitudes toward the Communist Party. But with politics replacing art as the raison d 'etre of Chinese film, some Chinese see the billboards for the new epics as tombstones for the golden era of Chinese cinema.” And no wonder they were popular and seen by many: “From the point of view of the studios, an important advantage of political films is that no matter how awful they
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