Advantages Of Civil Rights In American Society

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After the American Civil War, slavery was abolished, unleashing a vast amount of Blacks into American society. Following the Civil War was the Reconstruction Era which empowered Blacks. For example, the 14th and 15th amendment were passed which made blacks citizens with the same rights as any other slavery and gave blacks voting rights. Southern blacks begin taking control over the states as voting privilege allowed blacks to be voted into local government position and even a senator position in the U.S Congress. However, with the end of Reconstruction by the Compromise of 1877 which removed all federal troops in the south in exchange for Hayes withdrawal from the presidential election, Southern states made new constitutions to disenfranchised the blacks. In response to this, W. E. B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington proposed their own plan to fight for equality. Although both plans have their advantages, Dubois’ plan offers a more effective method to the path of equality because it establishes Blacks into American Society and did not make them inferior to the Whites. Washington’s plan was to slowly get used to newly acquired freedom and establish blacks into American society through the means of industry and agriculture. He believed that blacks are not ready yet to receive all the rights yet and that it is better to start preparing to receive it than actually receiving it (Document 1) and that they shouldn’t hasten the process since the only way to enjoy the privileges

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