Disadvantages Of Cloud Storage

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Advantages of Cloud Storage
According to a report from University of Berkeley, some of the key characteristics of Cloud Computing are “the illusion of infinite computing resources, the elimination of an up-front commitment by cloud users, and the ability to use as per demand” [7]. According to [8], the goal of cloud computing is to scale the resources up or down through APIs according to the user demand without much interaction from the user. Cloud computing is a blend of different technologies that matured at different pace and in different environment [6]. It was not designed as a whole, but all those technologies have come together to create a technical ecosystem for cloud computing [6]. Specifically cloud computing offers many advantages,
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With cloud storage system, your files can be shared instantly with anyone you want to regardless of their location.
8. Disaster Recovery
Cloud Storage can be a better emergency backup plan in case of an emergency for businesses. A second copy of important files can be uploaded. These files are stored in remote locations and can be accessed through internet. In the event of data loss, you will have backup of all files and can be restored with zero downtime.
Although there are concerns over cloud storage, many business organizations believe that the benefits of Cloud Storage systems outweigh the drawbacks and risks. The above mentioned advantages are few of the intriguing benefits to businesses. Cloud storage can simplify IT management, improves the user experience and allows employees to work from different locations. This eases IT logistics by simplifying sharing and collaboration among IT staff.
Chapter 2
Unifying themes
In this section we discuss various unifying themes that underlies the Cloud Storage systems discussed in this paper. According to [2], the major unifying themes are voluminous data, commodity hardware, distributed data, expected failures, tune for access by applications, optimize for dominant usage, tradeoff between consistency and
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