Advantages Of Co-Facilitation

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Introduction For the purpose of this assignment the writer will define co-facilitation, discuss when it would be used along with its advantages and disadvantages and conclude by detailing a plan of how a co-facilitated session might run. What is co-facilitation? There are times when a facilitator can work independently with groups, but there may be occasions where a co-facilitated session might be more conducive. The definition of co-facilitation is, “a relationship between two or more people working with a group to facilitate a group process, product, project or performance” (Hogan, C., 2002, p.86). This practice can be both rewarding and fulfilling, but requires more in-depth planning in order to achieve positive outcomes and is dependent…show more content…
If a meeting is intended to last for some time and the group consists of twenty or more members then a co-facilitated session would be preferential, as it could help alleviate some of the pressure and provide more time and energy to questioning and exploring matters which arise, in more detail and depth. The presence of a co-facilitator provides not only a separate viewpoint, but they can also act as a sounding board when trying to ascertain what is happening in the group. This helps both co-facilitators to focus on and deal with the complexity of issues which arise, which in turn enhances group participation and learning (HMA,…show more content…
In this scenario, co-facilitation might help drive the process with the notion of two heads being better than one and whereby there is a stronger likelihood that issues and problems can be resolved and more positive outcomes can be achieved (Hogan, C., 2002). Another area where co-facilitation might prove beneficial is in relation to factors of gender or age. All members relate differently to men and women as a result of their own values and beliefs and they can make judgements about a person’s age such as their suitability or ability which can all affect the group interaction and process. Therefore, it might be appropriate to have the same sex facilitators or different sex facilitators or those differing in age depending on the type of group and subject matter involved (Prendiville, P., 2004). Advantages/Disadvantages of

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