Advantages Of College Tuition

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“How does it happen that we can get a home mortgage or purchase a car with interest rates half of that being paid for student loans?... We must substantially lower interest rates on student loans. This must be a national priority" said Senator Bernie Sanders. He expresses his astonishment at the substantial growth of college tuition over the years and how these sizable costs are incomparable to similarly large costs such as a house or car. There are a number of solutions that have been presented in favor of free college tuition for students. They are simultaneously cautious of a fair distribution of funds and reallocation of funds. These solutions take into consideration men, women, and children that fall into categories of low-income families, students with medical and physical limitations, etc. Free college tuition would make cause for more opportunities for low-income families, and a better-educated population in every level of society, and benefits from Bernie Sander’s plan.
There are many instances where some of America’s highest performing students neglect applying for challenging colleges and universities despite the fact that they have the ability to do well and succeed at those institutions. These particular students usually come from low-income families. They instead choose less competitive and more affordable schools creating an even wider gap between the wealthy and those reliant on financial assistance. This also generates limited opportunities for students
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