Advantages Of Comfort Food

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When people would talk about their comfort food, they would often think about different kinds of foods that they just couldn’t resist, and at that same time would actually make them feel good despite of how unhealthy it may be. Everyone has a different preference of what their comfort food actually is, because these foods wouldn’t just fill your rumbling stomachs, it also fills in your mind and emotions with so much content and happiness. Although, you don’t really need to be sad or stressed just to have your comfort food, you can totally have them whenever you feel like it. That is why in this article, we will be tackling about how comfort foods actually comfort, the mind, the body, and the soul of a person. “Do we really want to travel…show more content…
When people talk about their comfort foods, they would often start to crave for it and would keep on thinking about it, especially if someone mentions it or if they see it somewhere. It is often described to have psychological effects to actually increase positive feelings to a person. The most common comfort foods are often high in calories and carbohydrates, such as fast food items like burger, pizza, French fries, pasta, nachos, and more. It can also be desserts or sweets such as cake, ice cream, chocolate bars and other candies. REASONS WHY COMFORT FOODS ARE SO…show more content…
It would give them that nostalgic feeling of the foods’ scent and taste, as well as how good they actually felt while eating it. Sometimes, people would even remember having it when they were young and how their mums would cook it and how they would sneak just to have a taste of it. • It Makes Them Feel Special Another reason why comfort food is so comforting is because every time people get a chance to eat their comfort food, it basically makes their day special. It’s simple as that, comfort foods can totally brighten anyone’s day and turn it into something special even if it’s really not. • It Helps You Function Finally, comfort foods have the ability to help people function more. There are times that people are often too tired or just feeling lazy and procrastinating at work and they basically couldn’t get anything done, comfort food serves as a boost for the, and since it makes them feel good, it also inspire their brain and body to work as a team to function well and get through the

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