Advantages Of Commercialization Of Education

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Education is said to be the key to success. What if your future is something that you cannot afford? This is where unfair issues enters. My dad told me that education or knowledge is the only thing that you can take with you under your grave. The bottomline is, no matter how rich or poor you are in this world that you are standing at the moment, anywhere on Earth, we cannot take those luxuries with us when we are dead; the only treasure we can take along with us is the knowledge that we had developed through the years of existing in this world. As modern world gets even modern, education does too. A system adopted foreignly causing Philippines to develop their inferior state which includes both advantages and disadvantages. I disagree with commercialization of education. Education is a right that everyone deserves and not a privilege exclusive only for those who can pay and should therefore not be commercialized (Gonzales, 2012). Rights versus privilege. It is confusing how privilege, which is a right or advantage that only one person or group has, is opposed to right itself. The difference is the limitations and that right is for everyone while privilege is only exclusive for a given group or people. The argument here is that education, which is currently commercialized, shows that the ability to be exclusive is just for the ones who can afford to pay its price and people who cannot, undergo a hard time paying the said amount. As far as I know, government
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