Advantages Of Communication Technology

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Communications Technology Essay Communication can be used in multiple ways to communicate with people in our daily life through the uses of mobile phones (text, Phone calls). Apps such as Facebook have helped us to be able to communicate in a great way through the sharing of pictures and instant messaging through the internet, connecting family and friends in a web of connections. In a business sense, it has improved the ability to interact with the overseas parts of an organization. Being able to Skype overseas and communicate to anyone with access to the internet is a boon. The benefits are endless. Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication Technology With the advances in communication technology, there are numerous advantages when it comes to communication technology, but there are also disadvantages to take into account. The key advantage is the convenience. Technology has made it easier than ever to communicate, you can now work from home. Companywide emails can be sent in a matter of seconds. The ability to communicate to the customer over Skype has made it easier to become in contact with anyone, whenever you need to. Speed is a…show more content…
We interact with people through social media and we can play video games with people across the world. We use dating websites such as eHarmony to find suitable partners. The disadvantage is that people could use false information on social media and exploit the information provided on social media and endanger privacy and even your property. In our private life, we experience more disadvantages over the advantages. The advantages are that we can communicate and connect with our family and our circle of friends easier than before. The disadvantages are that hackers can hack our personal information online and use it for their own benefit. Our private lives are now easier to exploit now because of the advances in communication
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