Advantages Of Communitarianism

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Communitarianism emphasizes the need to balance individual rights and interests with that of the community as a whole, and argues that individual people (or citizens) are shaped by the cultures and values of their communities. A theory or system of social organization based on small self-governing communities, an ideology which emphasizes the responsibility of the individual to the community and the social importance of the family unit.

What is Communitarianism
In the social theory commutity has always been a central theme and has had central and prominent place. There arise alot of problems out of the the theme of social theory for example; how do the individual make a collective whole? Is it possible to identify an ideal of
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There are also ideal communities that arise for example Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism. Furthermore community work an community development has been throughout the choice of political strategies for alot of individuals, as proffesionals or as active people from the community. The reasons therefor is individuals put their efforts in,some are propelled by the politics, others are just simply there and some are propelled by the entrepreneurs. The aims is to build strong communities where they can achieve opportunities within the communities and self fullfillment, wich gives the community the power to distribute and manage goods and recourses. One weakness according to critics is that it is likely to breakdown when putting it in practise because it promotes social stability, self reliant population who do not drain resources away from the market, activists in in social tradition see community as the generator of resistance to the state and the capitalists power. Another problem is communitie works such as neigbourhood watch and crime fighting will do well in places where they are not much needed but in the places they are actualy needed they do not flourish that well as the reason of people who will have the lack of managing and commanding material…show more content…
Regimes, sanctioned rules at domestic and international levels, regulate behavior and interaction, affecting our bargaining positions, and over the long term shape our expectations, plans and prospects. Hence principles for assessing institutions are urgently needed in times of upheaval. We can ask the questions; Should "convergence" of living standards be pursued, and if so to eradicate dire poverty, or also to secure equal living conditions for all people, regardless of nationality? What role should states play, and how should democratic ideals be expressed? I think a systematic defense of principles of justice must be drawn on shared values and ideals concerning the roles of individuals, society and government, and also defend standards for shaping the future. Furthermore people are characterized by competing ideals and values even disputing the geographical boundaries of the places where they live. Continious attempts at forging a country’s identity suggest that the quest for shared values, identities and loyalties is way to difficult, and will not determine where a country will end up in the future as a country’s identity could be at stake. We must identify and explore shared values at the same level, as expressed in such places as human rights and social charter. But we must also assess conflicting interpretations of a society and of how this union should be improved, because there are

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