Advantages Of Community College

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The target audience will be people of all walks. This range from high school students are about graduate to the elderly in society. I would utilize so many ways to reach the larger audience. The internet has penetrated every social life, to the point that not a day goes by without someone browsing through the internet. Social media will be my first outlet. I will take advantage of my Facebook page to spread the information among friends by creating and posting a video. I will also encourage them to share it widely among their friends at school, places of work and on their other social media such as twitter and Instagram. Even though magazines have lost popularity due the internet revolution, I would utilize the popular magazines to…show more content…
For instance, on the right side will be points that explain why community colleges are a better option such as flexible schedules, low tuition fee and low instructor student ratio. I will also include the Maricopa Community College web site and phone number. On the left I will provide statistics of students who attended four year colleges and are in huge debt. In the video there will be detailed information on the aforementioned points. As indicated earlier on, many people use internet on daily basis and for that reason it will be the best option. In conjunction with this the information on the billboard will provide people with a glimpse as to why community colleges are a life…show more content…
Based on statics, I would print out the main points on why I believe community colleges are a better option than the four year colleges. In addition to the main points, I would print information on where to find each community college in the valley, their websites, phone numbers as well as testimonials from students who have to pass the points across. I will also include a photo of how classes are set up if possible, include the number of students listening to a lecture. I would begin to distribute the flyers to high schools in my city and other institutions such as libraries, nursing homes especially to the workers. Also distributing them to stores such as K-mart, circle K, would be the best since some of those workers are not aware of the opportunities that are out there. I would employ 2 to 3 workers to distribute the flyers to the high school students across every corner of the
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