Advantages Of Competitive Advantage

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Competitive Advantages Project Proposal: A study of different strategies for competitive advantages versus Porter’s model By Najla Alaiwii 20104325 Section 04 Jaleela Ebrahim 20101696 Section 04 Alhawra Almudaifa 20101877 Section 04 MGT 434 Strategic Management In College of Business University of Bahrain Skheer - Bahrain April 2015 Abstract As the economic is harsh on the business, the companies need to find ways to compete against each other. This proposal is to conduct a study on the competitive advantages that make companies survive in the business world. Our study will help the management level of the businesses to understand and focus on the main factors for competing and having priority of their customer’s choice. This study will be conducted through previous literature reviews and case studies that implemented the Porter’s five competitive forces model. Moreover, the analysis of this research will be observational analysis. Keywords: competitive advantages, Porter’s model. Introduction It is obvious that the market is a competitive place for any business, whether it is small or large, or whether it has narrow or broad types of services or products. Moreover, it is important to understand different ways or strategies of competitive advantages, which each company needs to be focused on and companies need to give more attention to these studies prior opening their business. This proposal is to conduct a study on best strategies that
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