Advantages Of Competitors For Ikea

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1.0 Existing Competitors for IKEA and Their Global Strategies
With the development of IKEA, the competitor of IKEA is not only focus on the local competitor but for others international furniture retailer also. Sometimes, the competitors copy the good idea or counterfeit the goods of IKEA. So, what are the global strategy that used by the IKEA’s competitors to compete with IKEA?
Ikea 's main competitor in the United States is the furniture stores Ashley Furniture. In Arcadia, Wisconsin, the company headquartered. Team Ron and Todd Wanek owned the company. They are father and son. The company distributes and manufactures their home furniture products around the whole world. The company uses 2 distribution channels to sells home accessories and
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IKEA facing competition from UK-based B&Q. The leading home improvement retailer in Europe, B&Q oversees a multinational chain of hardware stores and garden centres based in the United Kingdom. B&Q dominates the home improvement market in the UK with over 350 stores throughout the country. The British company also operates more than 60 international locations in China and Ireland to rank as the third-largest home improvement retail chain in the world. In total, B&Q stores employ about 20,000 workers and serve over 3 million customers each week. B&Q fulfills a wide range of home improvement needs under one roof. The largest B&Q stores feature at least 8,000 square meters of floor space and offer up to 50,000 different products. Many products offered in-store also stand available for purchase online through the B&Q website. B&Q strives to accommodate an eclectic mix of customers ranging from everyday homeowners to trade professionals. Part of the Kingfisher family of brands, B&Q serves as a sister company to an international retailer of hardware Koctas, Brico Depot and…show more content…
And in China, it is also the first Chinese furniture company launched a "one-stop shopping". Therefore it may have in understanding about Chinese local customers. It has been included in the list of top 50 of Chinese companies among the top 500 private enterprises in the world for five consecutive years. Since the founding of the company in 1986, Macalline has been aiming to create a warm and peaceful home for consumers. As of today, Macalline has 111 stores nationwide. Along with a 2008 revenue over 23.5 billion RMB, Macalline has become the top furniture brand in China. With 26 years of operation, Macalline has always embodied a “prudence, integrity and diligence” company spirit, aggressively implemented chain-operation strategy. It first applied the idea of market-oriented operation and commercialized management, which has gained recognition from leading experts within the industry. This mode of business is named the “Macalline Mode”. In addition, Macalline was the first company that adopted a refund-and-exchange policy in the furniture market. In order to reassure consumers’ concerns, Macalline, together with the local Consumer Association, established the social security fund.

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