Advantages Of Compulsory Physical Education

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The idea that healthy children learn better is empirically supported and well accepted. Another widely accepted and acknowledged fact is that health benefits are associated with physical activity. Because all children spend a great deal of their time in school, the school is an important arena for promoting physical activities and a healthy lifestyles. In nowadays, the physical education programs are offered widely in different school systems, but the much debated question is that should these physical education classes be compulsory or optional. The trends in the last decade have been that several schools have changed the physical education to the curriculum as a compulsory subject. There are several reasons why physical education is an important part of children’s development and growth and how even the whole society benefits compulsory physical education system. These reasons should be more than enough to convince any sceptic of the importance of physical education.
The purpose of this essay is present the argument for and against the compulsory physical education and finally to
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It limits students ' to possibilities to choose where they want to invest in or how to use their time (McKenzie 2013). Some people believe that even if the benefits of physical activity are widely recognised the activities should be optional. Mackenzie (2013) states that usually the students who are allowed to choose classes themselves are more motivated in schools. Especially, if students pay an expensive tuition fees, of course they should be allowed to decide the content of curriculum and not to be forced to do physical activity as part of studies. In other words, the society should not decide behalf on students. However, this argument fails to consider how lack of exercise and inactive lifestyle causes damages to the public health and hence causes the significant costs for

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