Advantages Of Content Analysis

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Content analysis as a technique entails a systematic description of spoken, written or visual communication. Content analysis is a common issue in the present communication world. Newspapers are the most popular channels of media and it is not surprising that lots of content analysis is done on newspapers news. Politics and newspapers are two things that go hand-in-hand. Newspapers are some of the most popular media channels as far as political news is concerned. Many individuals would like to know what, when and why a certain politician, most specifically a presidential candidate said or highlighted the particular statements. This is what makes content analysis so important. In most cases, newspapers just like other channels of communication will try to be neutral in politics and does this by covering the news on all the political candidates “equally’’. However, the news covered by a particular newspaper on all political aspirants could end up giving a particular candidate the competitive advantage over his/her rivals. Content analysis has its own advantages and disadvantages in objective terms. The analysis of content analysis will reveal several advantages that include but are not limited to the following:…show more content…
It is true that access to information may be very difficult at times. One may be required to cater some information from individuals that do not like conducting interviews or are just too difficult to track them down (“Advantages & Disadvantages…”). However, it could be possible to gather information about people like this by analyzing their speech or documented information on channels such as newspaper and be able to describe or explain these people’s attitudes or concerns about various issues in the society such as the economic conditions, social issues and political issues (DU
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