Pan Marrying Method

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Pan frying is a dry heat cooking method which similar to sautéing but it requires more fats compared to sauté. Food cooked in pan frying method is not cut into small pieces but it is usually in big portion such as chicken breasts, fish fillets, steaks and even pork chops. Pan frying cooking method applies lower heat so that interior of the food will cook completely and will not cause any burn on exterior of the food.

In this cooking method, it is important to ensure that the oils is hot enough before we fry anything because it might stick on the pan and it even will destroy the texture of the food. It is best of we do not touch or flip the food before the down part is cooked. Besides, as mentioned before, pan frying
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This prevents the food from absorbing excessive unwanted amounts of fats and retains the moisture of the food. Foods to be deep-fried must always be uniformly sized to shape to allow them to float freely in the oil. The deep-frying process is considered perfectly achieved if the food is cooked toughly on the inside and with an attractive deep-golden brown surface. It is strongly advised that light seasoned food should not be deep-fried in the same fat used for strongly season food to avoid odd taste and residual flavours from been carried over.

There are two methods of deep-frying food. One is the basket method, and the other is the swimming method. The basket method uses a deep frying basket to hold and submerge the breaded food into the boiling fat. When the food is cooked, the deep-frying basket is used to remove and drain the excess fats from the food.

The double-basket method is a variation from the original basket method. It has a second basket placed directly on top the food held in the first basket to ensure that the food does not float up in order to promote even
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We use oven to bake something in liquid form and lack of structure in order to harden, dry or solid the things we bake. This is because the air is moving around inside during the baking process.The advantage of baking is it does not require large amount of fat which will make our food healthier and the taste will be much better than steaming the food.

Baking is similar with roasting but normally used for fish, fruits, and vegetables but primarily use for “baked goods” such as bread, pastry items. Besides that, baking can be also use for baking potato, lasagna, meat loaf and etc. Because all of this baked terms does not require very high temperature to cook.

Most food we want to bake contains a lot of empty space such as cake so we need to use baking method to fill up the space. In other words, we baked leavened items that can rise up during the cooking process after they have been baked enough amount of time in the

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