Disadvantages Of Cross Functional Groups

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INTRODUCTION: Groups and Teams are prominent features in an organization. Almost everyone in an organization is a member of one or more groups. In recent organizations some degree of coordination is needed not only for effective working environment but also for achieving organizational goals. Work is a group based activity and if an organization wants to function effectively it requires good teamwork. Managers also use groups and teams to achieve a high standard of work and to improve organizational effectiveness. THEORETICAL BACKGROUND:  GROUPS AND KINDS OF GROUPS: Two or more interdependent individuals, who interact with each other for a purpose, are psychologically aware of one another and perceive themselves to be a group. Members in…show more content…
Future more relations with people work in same teams were strengthen. INCREASES CREATIVITY: In cross functional people merge from different departments by which they share their experiences so creativity level rise immensely KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL ENHANCEMENT: It is an important point of cross functional team that people can share their skill and knowledge so that team can perform effectively and efficiently. DIFFERENT IDEAS: You found to perform a task by new ways because people come from different departments have different type of views to achieve the task in a simplest way. PERFORMANCE: In cross functional team performance is measured by collective work of team. Every person tries to give their best through which his team can perform better. PROBLEM SOLVING: While performing a task different type of problem arises so it’s a plus point of cross functional team that each person has different abilities and skills which are very helpful to overcome any issues. QUESTION…show more content…
Describe the characteristic you chose and then describe the exercise you’d use to help a team develop or enhance the characteristic. Most important characteristic of effective team is the presence of mutual trust among its members, that is they believe in skills and abilities of each other. Achieving mutual trust is very difficult and can only be achieved if members of a group are open to one another Blind folded exercises can be very effective in improving trust among team members where members are divided in pairs, one member from a pair will be asked to blindfold his eyes and will be sent in a room where certain objects are hidden. Blindfolded person has to recover all the hidden items just by the instructions of the other team member. This exercise helps practicing clear communication and develops keys to trust during challenging and confusing situations. TEAMING UP FOR TAKE

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