Long Gone Disadvantages

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Long gone are the times during which we had to burden our bare feet to move from place to place. Our world and it’s modern technology has greatly helped in advancing and innovating diverse types of transportation, all serving different purposes, in a wide variety. It is now easily possible to travel through all different mediums such as through land, water, air, and even outer space using multiple transportations. However, with all the benefits that transportation brings with it, it also imposes major cons and has created several problems, such as the release of greenhouse gas emissions, traffic congestion which causes loss of time, accidents etc. People, majorly those in urban environments, are faced with multiple transportation choices and…show more content…
It is easily affordable for the common person and is available in a wide price range. As of 2013, cruise controls range from $500 at the lowest and $2,500 at most. The lower cost adaptive cruise controls, however, only work at speeds of 30 km/h and above. Nowadays most vehicles are already equipped with this technology which adds in to the total cost of the vehicle itself, leaving no need to separately buy another cruise control system. Along with having the advantage of making long distance journeys more comfortable, cruise control also makes them cost efficient as it helps save gas by reducing gas-wasting acceleration and deceleration. In this way, cruise control can improve someone’s fuel economy. Cruise control can efficiently cut down 20% of the costs of the gas that would have otherwise been wasted (this would also be environmentally friendly). A cruise control system would also help save money in the way that it will reduce the number of speeding tickets received by keeping the vehicle’s speed constant and not letting it exceed the speed limit. Cruise control also results in less maintenance costs. Driving along corners in a rapid motion damages the tires, which would then cost to be replaced. Cruise control gives the car a constant speed and helps to avoid random acceleration that give the car’s engine more work to do (which could also reduce engine

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