The Westernist Approach In Managing Cultural Differences

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From the cultural differences that can be found in Malaysia, we can derive another approach on how to manage the diversity. As such, there are a few concepts that are from the Western approach which explain the way how we apply the westerners approach in managing cultural diversity. Usually, many prefer to use a coordinated system approach concept because of this system in a sense refer to an orders assemblage of combination of correlated parts that forms unitary whole where the global leaders need to understand the differences culture among his people in order to comprehend arising problems regarding this issue. . Traditions that have been set by families that emphasizes on the value of their heritage tradition among their child rearing so…show more content…
He also prohibits domestic customs taxes during shipments to ensure the continuity of goods supply to Medina. Thus, these principles stabilize the economy of Medina as Muslims are free to practice Islamic rules and do business in separate place without the implementation of the financial authority of the Jews. Another example on how to manage cultural diversity by Islamic approach can be seen through Ottoman Empire Period which consists of diverse population as it combine both east and west country. There are constitutions that are the fundamental bases to the ruling during the Ottoman Empire which consist the millet system, the guilds and the…show more content…
There are some negatives effects include a difficulty to achieve harmony among people and identified the management of cultural diversity in their living place. Positive effects include a strong knowledge base created by a variety of cultural experience an in house resource of cultural trainers and informers with proper strategic planning; top management can enhance the positive effects and reduce the negative effects of cultural diversity. A multi-racial society teaches people how to respects and understand the religion and cultures of others that leads to tolerance. Multi nationality makes country more dynamic because there are people who come from different places and this can help to develop new ideas about how to make our lives better. A multi-racial society teaches people how to respect and understand the religion and cultures. Therefore, this leads to tolerance. It helps us to learn to become a good human being. To be good or bad does not depend on religion or culture. Each of the great culture of the world speak about love, peace and

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