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Developing Competitive Advantage of the Company
Daiso is a company that wants to offer great and unique products at a low cost. Especially since Daiso is the only Asian based low cost store that is in the United States. Daiso is constantly coming out with new products, designed in Japan, to keep up with their growing stores across the world. Daiso stores are kept similar in layout to one another and have a nice, clean atmosphere to them. Daiso maintains a high reputation in Japan, as well as, overseas.
Marketing Goals and Objectives
According to the manager of the local Daiso located in Chino Hills, their primary market objective is to increase business sales. Daiso has three core values of quality, variety and uniqueness. These three things
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With more than 500 new products being created every month. Daiso has a no exchange and return policy. They emphasize quality of product for price paid. They try to find products that are unique so that each time a customer shops here they are able to find something new and surprising. They also spend a lot of money on shelving and fixtures to help the stores compete with more high-end retailers. The products are all designed in Japan, quality controlled in Japan, checked in Japan, and pre sales are in Japan. They uphold the idea of “quality honoured in the Japanese market, products that meet diverse customer needs.”
Price Strategy
The Daiso franchises found in America have a uniform pricing strategy, as a majority of their products are sold for $1.50. However, Daiso does carry a few items that can cost more than two dollars or under a dollar. Daiso is able to keep such a low cost as they purchase a majority of their items in bulk.
Distribution/Supply Chain
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For example, according to the shift leader, they use magazine advertisement to promote their business and had noted that many business related magazines and various media outlets have frequently monitored their remarkable growth. Although they use print media, their rapid growth is more attributed through word-of-mouth, which helped Daiso build a large customer base in Chino Hills. Furthermore, the word-of-mouth strategy helps Daiso in Chino Hills improve their business and learn from mistakes, in order to not only retain their old customers, but to build loyalty with new

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