Advantages Of Decentralised Structure

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Question 1 Advantages of decentralised The advantages of a decentralised structure in relation to CBA are speed. It is because there are not much layers of administration in a decentralized structure; hence the bank can make decision immediately, which is more functional in a highly competitive world. Next the advantages of decentralised is training. Allowing some authority to managers is a best method to survey their ability in decision-making. The purpose of managerial training is aim for future higher level managers in CBA bank. Third, span of control. There is requires fewer middle managers, it is because many staffs can report to minor managers. Hence this can reduces the over in the bank. Lastly, the advantages of decentralization…show more content…
All the business activities and decision making is given to top level management. There are some advantages of centralised structure for organization. First, senior managers have greater power to control over the company. Next, the advantage of centralised structure is cost saving due to the standardised procedures does not require much professional and equipment. Not only is that, the benefits decision is making fast in the organization. Centralization structure organization will behave speedily when there is only top managers is making decisions. Last but not least, the advantage of centralization structure is good in co-ordination. Centralisation structure ease better coordination between different bank’s operations. Direct authority and control will results in less possibility of issue of authority. Disadvantages of…show more content…
In order to produce this, the company may invest lots of money to do research and use marketing mix such as promotion to attract more buyers willing to buy their product. Since, it will increase Global computer’s cost; hence the company is using product differentiator strategy. c) Phadi Pharmaceuticals has been required to supply a ‘store brand’ which will be resell at discount retail stores. Hence, it is likely the company is using product differentiator strategy. It is because; Phadi Pharmaceuticals have to put an amount of money to supply this as the sunscreen’s store brand will be sell cheaply at discount retail stores. Besides that, the company also has to invest capital to develop the new product as well as do research on market favor. d) Morelle Deli is engaging a special pasta sauce with some normal ingredients. Since the pasta source is considered as standardized products, hence the company may lower their cost in order to do research and promotion. Since the pasta source that Morelle Deli entertained is with normal ingredients which the ingredient can be easily found at super market, hence it is likely Morelle Deli is using low cost strategy to attract the customer to try their new

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