Sodium Fluoride Lab Report

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Before the water reach to the consumer 70% of the permeate water goes to potabilization or remineralization while 30% goes the demineralization. In potabilization plant four chemicals are added which are: Sodium hypochlorite
It is added for final disinfection of treated water Sodium fluoride
This chemical must be existed in the potable water because when it dissociate fluoride is produced as shown in the chemical reaction:
NaF → 〖Na〗^++ F^-
The fluoride used to protect the teeth in two ways: Protection from demineralization - when bacteria in the mouth combine with sugars they produce acid. This acid can erode tooth enamel and damage our teeth. Fluoride can protect teeth from demineralization that is caused by the acid.

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the output gases travels to the scrubber where they are cooled down by spraying distilled water from the top of the column , so the gases rise up due to its light density . By a help of a fan the gases are pulled from the scrubber to the absorber . there is a chemical in the absorber called as monoethanolamine it has a liquid nature. This chemical is used to absorb CO_2 only and according the high density of it it settled down while other gases goes out. The settled mixture at the bottom can be called as rich miya. then the rich miya is pulled by a pump to the heat exchanger then it goes to the stripper . the stripper is usually hot. When gases enters the stripper they went out cooled . as a result of combining the miya and 〖CO〗_2 in the cool conditions , they are separated in hot conditions. The separated miya is sent by a pump to the heat exchanger to be cooled then it is sent to the absorber for recycling . When the 〖CO〗_2 travels to the heat exchanger then to PPM which is potassium per manganite. which is used to absorb the impurities of 〖CO〗_2 . after removing the impurities it goes to the dehydrator to remove the humidity , so we only have dry 〖CO〗_2 and it is stored in two tanks…show more content…
It looks like a white powder. it is brought to the plant by trucks and it is poured in a coil . the lime water is mixed with water and a thick paste is produced. As a result of its heavy texture it must be pumped to the saturator. The saturator is the place where dilution process occurs by adding water to it after that flocculating process happens or settle process . the settle process is all about adding a polymer to join with small solid particles then it settle down and in the top almost pure water is existed. The pure water is dosed into the line with out powder to avoid the deposition in the line. There is an extraction pump used to take the settled powder for recycling by adding water or to the sludge
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