Short Essay: The Establishment Of Democracy

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The great leader of India, Mahatma Gandhi said “I understand democracy as something that gives the weak the same chance as the strong” indeed majority of the country in the world are in favour of this ideology. If we think and see how our country has been in early 1950s and compare them with the present era we can make out the vast difference. It’s all due to the third king who had an idea of making our country familiar to the rest of the countries. He brought an idea to shift away from absolute monarchy to constitutional democracy. Democracy is the form of government where people choose their representative to rule the government. Establishment of democracy brings freedom to the people and individual freedom gives peace and tranquillity to the society and to a whole…show more content…
Historically, the government of Bhutan was autocratic, with no law codes or courts or any of the common features of public administration. However major changes came into reality when the national assembly (Tshogdu) was establish by the members of hundred and ten, but later it was enlarged to hundred and fifty in 1960. Though this mode of selection was not done in the western sense. The main reason of establishing of the national assembly is to discuss and make a decision related to the sovereignty of the country. Majority of representative were from the public side because His majesty thought that issues will be discussed by raising voice in the national assembly and to initiate the development programme in the country. Thus the country will develop in an earlier time. Farther more, the competences of the legislative branch of government constantly expand. Moreover, his majesty had a veto on all acts and decisions made by the national assembly. He voluntarily relinquished this right and he introduces the vote of confidence of the
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