Pros And Cons Of Diabetic Retinopathy

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This paper present the medical diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy use different methods used around GCC(gulf cooperation council) countries like florescence angiography(FA), color fundus retinal photography(CFRP), slit light exam, optical coherence tomography(OCT), ultrasound test which also further incorporates the improvement and the drawback of the diagnostic method used.
Index- Diabetic retinopathy, Diagnosis, improvement
Diabetic retinopathy(DR) is a complication in which eyes are affected due to diabetes. It is a progressive condition in which retina (the blood vessels of the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye) is damaged. There are two types of DR which are: Non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy (NPDR) and Proliferative
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In this method, ultrasound imaging is used to create picture of the retina. Sound waves with high frequency, more than 20,000 Hz, are sent through the eye and bounce back to the transducer which leads to a vibration of a piezo-electrical crystal in the transducer. Then, electrical impulses are generated and translated into an image of retina by the computer. The pros of this method is that if there is hemorrhage in vitreous humor the sound can pass through the blood and determine the condition of the retina. The limitations are meagre visualization of soft tissue and anatomic detail of orbit. Also, highly skilled personal is…show more content…
A retinal camera, which is specialized in low power microscope with a camera, is designed to take pictures of the retina. CFRP is also used to translate FA as some critical points measured by CFRP cannot be measured by FA. Before the procedure is initiated the patient’s eye is dilated to increase the angle of observation and have a clearer view of the retina. The advantages of this technique are that it is accurate and reproducible however it is labor intensive and requires highly skilled people to interpret the data. Also, it takes weeks to develop result which could be non-compliant from the patient’s

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