Advantages Of Digital Cameras

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What is a Camera?

The camera – come from the word ‘Camera Obscura’, which means dark chamber in Latin. It is an optical instrument that records images that can be stored directly, transmitted to another location or both. The camera started in the mid 1500 B.C.E. It was known as the ‘Camera Obscura’ and was first used by the ancient Greeks and the Chinese. It was described as a room-size camera which allows one or more person to go inside. During the 1800’s, practical cameras were developed.

Later, the ‘Kodak Camera’ with a single shutter speed and a fixed focus lens was developed. George Eastman, the developer, created a simple box camera that uses ‘photographic films’.

Through the years, decades later, more and more advanced cameras were developed such
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It is rapidly used worldwide in the field of entertainment, communication and other aspects concerning in innovation of technology


The following are some advantages of digital cameras:

• SD cards are commonly used as substitute from films. It can store many photos as many as you can.
• Undesirable shots can be deleted easily and the best ones can be restored. The image that you wanted can be printed omitting the awful ones.
• Has a cheaper proxy for films.
• Has a preview button in which you can scan the pictures that were taken.
• Manually operated where you can choose if you want to take pictures or record videos.
• Its storage capacity is much bigger than the usual film.
• Can upload pictures online.
• It is more environmentally- friendly.
• There is no residue from the negative chemicals used in digital cameras unlike the film cameras.
• The captured pictures are directly shown after shooting into camera’s LCD.
• Stabilizes images, effortless point and shoot and with complete auto focus.
• Usually doesn’t produce blurred
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