Advantages Of Direct Democracy

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Direct democracy is one of the most important features of the Swiss political system. The Federal Constitution provides two main channels for its exercise. First, there is the assembly direct democracy. On Cantonal level, people gather once a year and they decide on many things. Nowadays they 're only two Cantons which organize that way, Glarus and Appenzell Innerrhoden, where all the people entitled to vote gather and decide on most political issues. In the Canton of Glarus, for example, the assembly decided to lower voting age from 18 to 16 and to amalgamate municipalities in a way which is not known to other Cantons in Switzerland, from 25 to 3. The same kind of assembly system also exists at the lower municipal level. About 82% of Swiss municipalities have assemblies where people gather three or four times a year to express their vote on political issues, to elect their mayor and the executive. At this level there are no parties, citizens are directly involved. The remaining 12% of municipalities have parliaments instead. Municipal assemblies are very important. The assembly discusses the political programs presented by the executive, changes them from time to time, accepts them or turns them down. There is no secret voting in the assemblies so that everyone has to stand for the decision made. The open vote can raise concerns about possible influences and lack of independence in individual vote casting. In addition, participation rates varying from 4 to 25% can
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