Advantages Of Diversity In The Workplace

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II. Advantages of diversity in workplace An organization’s success and ability to compete depend heavily on how well it can manage its human resource. Acknowledging and well-define development plan for diversity are keys critical success factor that require awareness and actions from top management down to lowest grade of staff. Having diversity of human capital bring positive outcomes as follows: • Supporting recruitment challenges and skills shortages • Improving employee satisfaction and retention • Providing better client service and innovation • Broadening community engagement • Fostering organization process and problem-solving skills • Promoting organizational values more fully 1. Supporting recruitment challenges and skills shortages In country where human resource is limited, shortage of talent is a priority problem that inhibit the economy to grow. It hardly improve the welfareness of residence if it is reluctant to import the skill from resource-riching nations. For example, there is only few people who specialize in oil engineering in Cambodia. That is why we cannot extract the resource and exploit it to the benefit of people. In United Arab Emerad, on the other hand, they have full technical resource both local and expatriate. With no doubt, they can use the oil extraction to improve their standard of living. In organization context, a company with open mind to diversity will have opportunity to capitalize it to the human capability. During period of
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