Advantages Of Divine Command Theory

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My purpose in this essay is to explain and analyze the Divine Command Theory. Divine Command Theory states that morality is ultimately based on the commands of God. I disagree with this theory because how do we know what concepts of God are true and what other concepts are false? There are so many religions making their own claims and interpretations that they believe are true. Therefore, how do we know then what God approves or disapproves of? Divine command theory is the idea that certain actions are morally good or morally bad because they are what God wills for us. God’s demands determine what is right or wrong. What he tells us to do is right, and what he tells us not to do is wrong. This theory states that the only thing that makes an…show more content…
Divine command theory has many weaknesses. The weaknesses of this theory are best shown by Plato’s dialogue, Euthyphro, which poses a question. Are actions morally good because they are approved by God or the gods, or whether God or the gods approve of action because they are morally good? If someone believes that morally good acts are good because they are willed by God, then God could command us to do anything, and it would be right for us to do it. Whatever God commands becomes the principle of moral rightness. Therefore, if God told one person to rape someone else, Divine Command Theory implies that the rape would be okay because doing what God commands is doing the right thing. On the contrary, if God forbids rape because it is morally wrong, then it is wrong prior to God ordering it to be wrong. This would imply that actions are morally good or morally bad independent of God’s will. Therefore, we…show more content…
I have always just accepted that whatever God commands is the morally right action and have never really thought about the arguments against it. After realizing that there are so many arguments against it, this has led me to disagree with the Divine Command Theory. Because there are a vast variety of religions in this world, there are multiple different God or gods that people believe in. Just because I have a set religion and God that I believe in does not mean that someone else’s view is wrong. Also, how can we know for sure what God’s commands are? There are so many ways to understand scripture, and many of these texts have been translated into different languages and have been edited that it could have been revised from the real version. People claim to hear from God all the time, but we have no way to know for sure if they are telling the truth and to validate it. This theory has many weaknesses to it because we do not know what religion is the best or what God approves of. Even though I do not believe in the Divine Command Theory, I still believe in God, and that he is the creator of all things. I think that God’s goodness is rooted in nature, and it is in his nature to do good. However, I do not think this alone can prove that the Divine Command Theory is true. The Divine Command Theory implies that we know what God approves or disapproves of, but really no one knows for sure. So, we must rely on our own understanding
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