Advantages Of Divorce In The Philippines

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Ray Marchan CE1-B15 Argumentative essay: “Should we legalize divorce in the Philippines?” Divorce: A way to get out of nightmares A lot of sufferings encountered when you are married. If the problem became huge like adultery and/or domestic violence then it’s time to file a divorce papers. The problem is that there is no divorce law in the country. Even if there are a lot of people wants to approve the pending divorce bill, there are more people who doesn’t want to approve it because it violates the sanctity of marriage. Also, if we legalize it, more people would marry recklessly and file a divorce paper after they married. But it is true that divorce makes the essence of marriage useless or the people involve with it makes it useless? Are the people will marry anyone even if they know that he/she will spend a lot of money if they married all over again? The house believes that we should legalize divorce in the Philippines for the…show more content…
For legal separation, they just divide the property of the couple and the couple could leave apart. It doesn’t dissolve the marriage. If the relationship doesn’t work out, then why do they need to stay married with each other? Annulment on the other hand is not simple. If you want to fil an annulment, you need to prove that the marriage is invalid first. Both options are not even the solution of couple who want to dissolve their marriage. First of all, it is expensive and not everyone could afford it. People on the poverty level experience more domestic abuse than the people on the higher level. Even if their marriage is valid, they can’t dissolve it since there is no such rule here. We could agree with this opinion because not everyone could afford legal separation and annulment. Also, there is no law for marriage that doesn’t worked out. If one can’t file a divorce against his/her partner, then the cycle of domestic abuse will

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