Advantages Of Double Track Railway

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Handedness Double track railway allow train to run one track in each direction. Handedness of rail transport refers to the train is either keeping runs on left handed or right handed traffic. Single track railway does not have traffic handedness because the train share the same track from both direction, it can be right handed or left handed. While for double track railway, it is fundamental principle to ensure the train is running at correct path and receiving the accurate traffic signal. There are some countries such as Belgium, China, Switzerland and Italy running at left hand railway but their road vehicle running at right hand. While other country such as Indonesia, train runs at right hand but road vehicle runs at left hand. However, in Malaysia, rail traffic is using the same side as road traffic which is left handed traffic. There is no specific reason stated that which site is better than another but it depends on the regional rules and tradition. In the past, most of the railway in Malaysia was designed by English engineers and they follow their left-handed tradition (Tom, 2015). Bi-directional running Double track railway system allows the train to run in both directions. It refers to one train runs at the first track while another train runs at second track but opposite direction. Apart from that, bi-directional running also can be seen as a pair of single line system because the train can run in both directions in one track by using the signaling and rail

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