Advantages Of Dual Marketing

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Business to business and business to consumer marketing are quite dissimilar from each other regarding the form of communication, the method of selling and/or type of database. Although the majority of companies stick to either business to business or business to consumer, many also sell their products simultaneously to both markets whether they recognize it or not. There are many advantages of dual marketing but also many challenges that occur. These advantages and challenges are exemplified in Hudd & Speh (2014), Quelch (1987) and Webber (1999) and pointed out throughout this essay. Consumer-product companies with solid status in the consumer market may see advantages in expanding and venturing into the business market. One advantage of selling consumer products in both markets is the aspect of capitalizing on opportunities that are apparent in the business market rather than just the consumer market. This choice made by consumer-product companies to venture into dual markets is often prompted by the idea of increased sales. Hudd & Speh (2014) state that a maturing product line, a desire to diversify operations, or the strategic opportunity to profitably apply R&D or production strength in a rapidly growing business market are the main ideas behind moving into the business market in hopes of boosted sales. A larger range of consumers is served by dual marketers and so another advantage is that they prevent dependency on the restricted number of consumer customers if

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