Advantages Of Dunnage Bags

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Dunnage Bags are very useful in stabilizing and securing the cargo in trailers, railcars, sea containers and vessels. The bags are made up of plastic materials and covered by layers of either polypropylene woven material or paper to provide great strength. Dunnage bags are also known as air cushions, inflatable bags, air bags, dunnage air bags and many more.

The purpose of dunnage bag is to prevent items from moving during transportation or to secure the load. It is necessary to make sure that the size of dunnage bags precisely calculated according to the size of the load because choosing the wrong size may cause damage to the cargo inside.

Dunnage bags provided by ABP Pte Ltd can absorb longitudinal and lateral forces caused by transportation
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ABP Pte Ltd supplies ergonomic, economic and environmental plastic pallet.

Plastic pallets are available in a wide range of types such as stackable, nestable, fire retardant, rackable, export and drum pallets to name a few.

Using plastic pallets can save you warehouse space by stacking uniformly and easily. No splinters, broken boards or nails to deal with which may cause injuries or mishaps. Plastic pallets have smooth designs that make them easy to clean and sanitize. The durability of plastic pallets provide stability when shipping or storing your products on, resulting in reduced product damage.

Plastic pallets are available in FDA / USDA approved material which makes them useful for food applications

• FDA / USDA approved
• Provides consistent support and is durable
• Lightweight and easy to handle
• Low cost and 100% Recyclable
• Easy to clean and
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PE bag is a type of packaging material made of plastic textile. Polyethylene bags are readily available at ABP Pte Ltd.

PE bags are used for storing and transporting goods like food, powders, produce, waste, chemicals and many more. These bags are chemical resistant, which means that the bags are not affected by strong bases and acids. Polyethylene bags are known for their flexibility and toughness which makes them ideal for transport purposes and food storing.

ABP Pte Ltd offers LDPE and LLDPE bags to provide for your specific needs and preferences.

• Available in various types and sizes
• Extremely flexible and durable
• Has high tensile strength
• Low cost

Looking for top quality cargo safety not? Look no further! ABP Pte Ltd has got you covered! ABP Pte Ltd provides high grade cargo safety net that complies with health and safety standards

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