Advantages Of E-Tourism

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The World Wide Web has become the first source of knowledge for all life domains where web resources are available to anyone at anytime. The tourism industry represents an umbrella term used to describe the industries and business enterprises that provide offers to e-tourists including transportation, hospitality; and entertainment venues, etc... With the advent of new forms of information and communication technologies (ICTs), a novel type of tourism, e-tourism has emerged which is adapted from original e-commerce, ready for searching and creating instantly online booking. Motivated by the emerging technologies, the new generation of e-commerce support more innovative and sophisticated tasks like dynamic packaging, travel planning, price…show more content…
A growing number of e-tourists use different websites to search, purchase tourist offers for planning their trip \footnote{e-tourist can get information on routes, timetables, seat availabilities, book accommodations, rental cars, and restaurants ... to help them plan their trip.} because they have unlimited access to information and booking platforms \footnote{such as online travel portals, like,, and new kinds of meta-search engine Web sites such as}. But unfortunately, most of the huge number of tourism websites provides an isolated travel's information that's why differences among the data standards and process management systems are present in distinct online travel sites, such as the prices of offers related to tourism are expressed in many different currencies, time units, temperature,…show more content…
The proposed system for Dynamic packaging enables users to build a customized trip by assembling various components of their interest which will be helpful to control the cost of package also. It provides enough flexibility to adapt tourist's needs and restrictions. So, the next generation e-Tourism infrastructure must support flexible automation, integration, computation, storage, and collaboration. With rapid expansion in size and diversity, the Linked Data cloud has gained significant attention in the Semantic Web community over the past few years. Nowadays, the big challenge is to integrate Linked Data and semantic Web services in order to take advantages of two technologies and to create a new synergy. The dynamic packaging requires the ability to offer flexible customization of a any package by: (1) combining multiple travel components in real time and (2) Integrating offers from different sources (dynamic sourcing), (3) booking a complete travel package in real time ; based e-tourist search request

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