Advantages Of ESMQ Model

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The proposed model is analysed by listing the features under four constructs Advantages (A), Benefits (B), Constraints (C), and Disadvantages (D) as given below [164-172]. The detailed factor and elemental analysis of the model using ABCD framework [173-185] will be published elsewhere. 9.1 Advantages of the Model: ESMQ as resource based and CODE as Knowledge based framework, brings clarity to refocus value engagements and linkages with Graduate employability and I.A.I. (University Industry Collaboration). The model builds a bilateral connectivity in the contemporary perspective of the evolving university purpose. The proposed ESMQ tiered at four levels provides a systematic professional development intervention, and prepare students to effectively…show more content…
The concept suggests looking beyond tuition fees and donations etc, toward alternative sources of potential revenue from knowledge product opportunities, consequently reducing financial pressures on low funded private universities in emerging and developing countries. Additional benefits would result in enhanced reputation, legitimacy, up-skilling, motivation and revitalized direction to traditional academic…show more content…
The purpose of such Accelerated Learning Programs (ALPs) should be to inculcate analytical and problem solving skills, with the help of teamwork, leadership development, sharing of fundamental perspectives, conceptual clarity, intellectual rigor and practical fieldwork during the training sessions, gradually conducted in stages from EMQ1 to EMQ4. "ALPs" should go beyond to polish the personality of young graduates and postgraduates to make them city smart in social etiquettes, manners, ethics, emotional maturity and social leadership, thus instilling Community Confidence, encompassing students of various Professional Courses. These endeavors should go beyond classroom teaching as an integrated supplementary periodic intervention customized using ESMQ or as an incubation simulative training which is conducted in a competitive and peer learning mode, using LEC-DEM-PRAC-PROV

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