Eating Snacks During Class Hours Essay

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Should Students be allowed to eat during class hours?
Eating snacks during class hours is one of the few causes of occurring problems to teachers and some students who is not in favor of this. Generation by generation, our working force and time is being changed; including in academics, there’s a lot of work to do off and in school especially to students. Whereas in our history there is still enough time for taking snacks before and after class, where in today there are factors in which taking snacks in the usual time is disabled. However, today eating snacks during class hours has become a norm for some students in their respective schools and the extent to which some teachers also go beyond to bear with it. Because eating snacks during class
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From an internet source of a particular survey stated that, “I would agree that in most cases eating should not be allowed in the classroom. It is a distraction to the teaching and learning process and as someone else mentioned usually results in a mess in the classroom. I do believe that students should be allowed to bring water bottles into the classroom though.” (lrwilliams College Teacher (Level 1) Educator) And another pointed, “I am opposed to students eating in class. It is a distraction not only for the student who is eating but for others in the class who can't help but notice it. I insist that my students remain 100% engaged in the lesson for the brief time they are with me; if they are 100% engaged, then they don't have time for anything else. I can live with water or something similar, particularly if the student has a medical condition of which I have been made aware. Otherwise, food and drink are not only messy; they detract from the atmosphere and purpose of the class.” (larrygates College Teacher (Level 1) Educator
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