Eastern Cape: Obstacles In Education

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The education of the Eastern Cape vary from other provinces in a way that in Eastern Cape there are many disadvantaged schools especially in rural areas. It comes at a time when education in the province is widely considered to be in crisis. There are many obstacles in schools that affect learners in a way which include lack of teachers and textbooks. In some areas you will find that there are no teachers for the major subjects such as Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Accounting and then learners end up failing those subject because they do not have people in their communities that may be able to help them.
Parents of the learners or pupils are looking up to their children when they go to school hoping that they will fulfil their goals and other parents never had the chance to attend school because of the
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The crime rate on our communities increases, people are not free when they walk in midnight some of them are people who comes from work but still they are robbed by their children, when you have nothing better to do during the day you think of many things that are not right. There are many learners I know of that drop out at school and it is now of that they plan to do but it is the condition of schooling. Some turn to do drugs because they are not schooling.
Most of parents take their kids to other schools. You will find that the school has minimum number of learners; the education of the community becomes very poor. For instance, one teacher will be teaching different subjects in four or more classes that is a lot of work for the teachers. People of our communities are looking up on us so whatever that happens to us affect them as well. The community is getting to be known of its poor education and the drop out learners.
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