Advantages Of Electric Cars

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In our daily life, we use our car to go to our workplace, market,... However, car reduces gas that very harmful, which damage the environment. With that but you still have to waste money to buy gas and you also damage the environment. Electric cars, which are designed to replace gas cars in the future, help people save money, are fast but are expensive and lack of resources The need to find alternative energy sources for transportation is being urgently needed. Choice of electric cars as a potential and effective alternative. The advantage when you use electric cars as the oil and gas resources become increasingly scarce, resulting in increasingly stringent fuel use regulations, the cost of fuel is rising. Using electric cars not only…show more content…
Although not a short history, electric vehicles are now being applied to the most modern technology, so that the battery is not too large, but can move long, accelerate quickly. It is more expensive than traditional cars because the size of the market is not big enough to make the product cheaper. An output on a production line is not as large as a gasoline car, which results in higher production costs on the electric tram head, from which the price to the consumer is also higher. In addition to tires or lights. You will find it difficult to repair your own car and the cost of repairing it is expensive. Even today 's modern cars, maintenance or bug fixes in unexpected situations are a hindrance for many because of their complexity and the amount of money spent on car repairs. Electric cars are similar to traditional cars, requiring high reliability. Many people are wondering what to do when the tram system goes wrong. Repairs can be made easily with a network of dealers or private garages for gasoline and petrol cars, but prices will be as high as regular cars.Increase the cost of electricity monthly user. The structure of the electric car is simple, but because the dynamics are different from the traditional car, the car is difficult to repair because it is expensive. Lack of repairers now can repair the electric car is still limited. Spare parts, supplies and electric car insurance are still lacking, because of lack of components, high prices. The development of electric cars may face some potential risks. Governments can narrow their incentives before electric cars can compete fully with gasoline. In fact, many states have started to tax electric cars. Battery manufacturers may face raw material shortages or manufacturing problems that could hamper cost reduction. Unforeseen technological failures, such as widespread battery fires, can stop the development of electric

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