Advantages Of Electric Vs. Manual Toothbrush

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Electric vs. Manual Toothbrush Right from the time we are young, our parents always try to imbibe in us hygienic values such as brushing regularly in order to keep our teeth and gums healthy. Initially we are furiously supervised and taught how to brush different parts of our mouth and as time goes on, we are left with the responsibility of carrying out the chore ourselves. At that time, there were only very few options available for us. Nowadays, there are more than we can ask for. Many retailers now carry several different varieties of disposable (manual) and electric (powered) toothbrushes. We are now blessed with so many options. But which one is the best toothbrush? Is it the powered toothbrushes, which is getting more traction? Or the disposable toothbrush, which is still as popular as, it was before? This purpose of this article is to provide answers to some of these questions. You are going to learn general tips for choosing a toothbrush. We will then move on to the advantages and disadvantages of electric and manual toothbrush. At the end of the…show more content…
Manual Toothbrush: which is the best? A manual or electric toothbrush can keep your mouth in order – keep your gums in healthy conditions and mitigate the build up of plaques. For this, you have to regularly brush your teeth with the proper brushing techniques. The following are some of the things you should consider when you are choosing either of these two: Cost. Although there are many affordable electric toothbrushes you can choose from, powered toothbrushes are more expensive than regular toothbrush. And in addition to the initial investment, you have to replace the brush head as often as possible. You also have to consider the bright side of electric toothbrushes too, which is the possibility for reduction in dental bills. If you get a cleaner teeth as a result of using an electric toothpaste, you may not have to bother as you will pass your exams and pay your dentist less than

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