Advantages Of Emergent Strategy

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Organisational strategies could be classified as emergent or deliberate strategies. The strategy that in which collective goals, visions or intentions of the organisation have been articulated broadly or in detail communicated to the employees within the organisation for realising the given outcome is called deliberate strategy. On the contrary, the strategy in which consistencies arises within the behaviour or actions of the organisation in a period even though the adoption of the particular behaviour has not been explicitly intended. In a case of deliberate strategies like imposed and planned strategies, it could be stated that this strategy is advantageous for the clarity of the purpose in contrast to the emergent
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However, it could be said that deliberate strategy has some of the disadvantages. This strategy is fixated at specific outcomes, which might increase the rigidity of the organisation and lower the speed of response in case of changes within the operating environment. On the other hand, an emergent strategy could be described as a strategy, which is derived from collective actions in comparison to collective intentions. A pattern of actions has been allowed to come up through influences like positive feedback, environment or consistent success following adoption of an action. According to Dahl et al. (2016, p.100), an advantage of emergent strategy is that this strategy provides responsiveness or flexibility, which is not present within the deliberate strategies. The individuals using this strategy are capable of adjusting their actions with the reactions for realising…show more content…
In this strategy, various employees converge over the similar pattern for making it pervasive within the organisation without the requirement of central direction. For example, a university finds itself favouring sciences over humanities over many years and could realise its real strength.
Unconnected strategy: This strategy is considered as the most straightforward strategy among the other strategies. Following this strategy helps the individuals to realise their pattern in the action. The unconnected strategies do not come from central leadership or intentions from organisations and could be considered as emergent strategies comparatively.
Imposed strategy: This type of strategy comes from outside the organisation is being imposed upon on the organisation. Therefore, it could be said that the environment could directly impose force on the organisation to a different pattern of action irrespective of the actions done by the central control. For instance, when an external group having a great influence imposes a strategy upon the organisation, it could be said as imposed strategy. For example, ministers have forced Air Canada for purchasing a particular kind of plane, which could be said as imposed strategy.

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