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6. EMBRACINGCULTURALDIVERSITYINTHECORPORATE ENVIRNMENT ADVANTAGES & DIS ADVANTAGES It is very important for a company to focus on diversity. The diversity in airline leadership brings success. Emirates Airline has a diversity of about 160 different nationalities and is it a unique strength for the company. The quality of employees is not related to their nationality. The diversity of the colleagues of Emirates Airline, different culture, nationalities, religions, ethnic backgrounds make the whole staff richer of experiences and it can bring a lot of new ideas and innovation to the company. All this can help the business a lot. It makes also a lot of sense because the company is based in Dubai and Dubai is a very cosmopolitan city with a multicultural…show more content…
This is even more important in the Middle East as the choice of local employees is very limited. The culture revolution has to be coming from the top management through leadership. Every manager has an important role to play to promote the corporate culture and embrace cultural diversity. So companies must develop more diverse leadership teams. 6.1. Advantages: 1. Increase in Productivity, due to the fact that it may create a more competitive environment leading to increased productivity 2. Increaseincreativity,moreideasfromdifferentpeople 3. Languageskills,EmiratesAirlineoneachflightisproudtoannounceall the languages that are spoken by the crew and usually on long haul it is close to 15 different languages 4. Positivereputation,itgivesagoodimageofthecompany 5. Diversity of experiences, everyone brings with him his past experience in previous work, this knowledge can be shared with colleagues 12 6.2. Disadvantages: 1. Communication issues, many culture and many languages may result in very big communication issues 2. Integration issues, integrating different culture and making them follow the same company goal is a real challenge 3. Risks of discrimination as some persons among staff may feel that the company is…show more content…
STRENGTHSOFTHEWORKFOCEDIVERSITYATEMIRATES AIRLINE ARE MANY The employees are the most important assets of the company. Emirates Airline is proud of the diversity of its employees. The company values the varied skills of the employees and their different background because it is the people that make the company strong and that bring the company always ahead of the competition. In 2015 Emirates Airline welcomed 8’600 new staff and therefore reached a total of 84’000 employees. They deliver world-class training to employees. The reputation of the company is growing and become more and more attractive to potential staff. Between 2014 and 2015 Emirates Airline has received 400’000 online job applications from 227 different countries to supply 2’000 jobs. The career section of the website has million visitors each month. If the current employees are happy they will recommend to other candidates and that is a very strong message to hire quality staff. The proof of the healthy working environment is that 12’600 employees have been working for the company for more than 10 years and more than 3’000 other employees have been with the company for more than 20 years. It is a very strong retention ration in the airline industry. Emirates Airline plans to recruit another 11’000 new employees between 2015 and

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