Advantages Of English As A Global Language

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English has become a global language. It is spoken by a high utilization rate. Many theories have been proved that the most advanced technology as well as knowledge are also found and expressed in English. English is a West Germanic language which is a global lingua Franca at present. Therefore, English has been considered as an inevitable communicative language which we must learn in order to achieve different learning. Because of that situation, spread of English as a global language will bring out some advantages as well as some drawbacks.
It is undoubtedly that spreading English globally has been bringing many benefits to human daily life. Spread English as a global language can make the communication without hindrance while the less misunderstanding between people who come from different nations. For example, there are many global social problems which need to be solved together by many countries such as human right, political, sovereignty, climate change, hunger, disease and so on. Simultaneously, we need a common language help us to deal with global problems. While English is a common language, it can solve these problems effectively.
In addition, spread of English globally can boost economic development. For many firms, they can through English to expand their own business to international market. For example, if a firm wants to expand business, they can output their production to another country so as to achieve more profits. However, English is a primary medium in

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