Advantages Of Enlightened Moderation

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What is the Strategy of Enlightened Moderation? “The 9/11 Commission Report calls for the provision of long-term and comprehensive support to the government of Pakistan for its commitment to combating terrorism through “enlightened moderation.” Before going through the contents and motives of the proposed strategy, we must make an effort to understand its genesis and the literal meanings of both terms modifying the subject of the strategy: “enlightened” and “moderation.” In an elementary sense one is enlightened if he/she is well informed and aware of the implications and ramifications attaching to any given issue or proposition. In some of its uses, the term also has a connection with the “enlightenment,” which was an eighteenth century intellectual movement, led by men such as Voltaire and Rousseau in France, John Locke in England, and Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine in America. It urged the use of reason, common sense, and observation to combat superstition. It called for questioning traditional doctrine and values, empiricism in science, cultural relativism and pluralism, and belief in the possibility of universal human progress. The attitude of mind . . . to be open-minded, willing to accept the possibility that other belief systems may contain some merit, and that therefore they deserve respect. They have the right to exist, even flourish, alongside our own faith. This is moderation, and the disposition towards others that it generates is tolerance. Moderation and

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