The Allies Model

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Abstract Within Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity, Entwistle inquires if psychology and theology can be unified. Entwistle suggest a sufficient technique of integration albeit the Allies model, and this paper will outline the strengths and restraints of this model as well as how Methods of Knowing and the Two Book Concept further discover the effectiveness of the model. The justification of this paper is to instruct its reader on different subjects of the Allies model concerning the integration of theology and psychology. In line with this, the advantages and drawbacks are shown as well as how this model deals with diverse concepts, and how it considers the relationship between Christianity and psychology. In every…show more content…
One of our first obstacles is defining exactly what assumptions are constitutive of a uniquely Christian approach to psychology. How do we identify the core convictions of Christianity, and how can we leave room for a divergence of different Christian approaches?” (Entwistle 2015). The main problem that Entwistle is addressing is integration and the boundaries in which they both inhabit together. Where do the bounds of psychology and theology begin and end? Defining the boundaries of where these sciences take authority is definitely a limitation. Regarding this, bias is another limitation that this model has to deal with. In regards to this, bias can be implemented when someone favors one of the two sciences over the other in a way that creates an unbalance. The Allies model does not serve either science, but rather, it serves God and God alone. In that, God has created both sciences and hold them in an equal stance. This can also be seen as a strength of the model. The Allies model has ability to attain knowledge from either source and thus has a more comprehensive foundation of knowledge. Another strength of the model is that it does not limit our investigation of either psychology or theology. We are allowed to explore the inner makings of each…show more content…
“The Allies model is premised on the belief that God’s truths are revealed in the book of God’s Word (Scripture) and the book of God’s Works (creation)” (Entwistle, 2015). As Christians, our main source of knowledge should be from God. At the same time it is also important to understand that God is the author of both nature and scripture. In accordance with this, John 1:3 says, “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made” (Holy Bible, NIV). As stated, God has created all of nature and thus His truth should be able to be found through it. Because of this, Christians should also understand that knowledge gained from nature can be true even if it is not outlined in the Bible. As a sinful people discerning God’s truth from nature, it is necessary for there to be a lot of wisdom and self-reflection on the Christian’s part. In understanding psychology and theology, we as Christians must first understand intellectual humility. Entwistle said this about intellectual humility, “Humility as an intellectual virtue involves our recognition of our intellectual abilities and liabilities. It allows us to receive corrections, feedback, and affirmation appropriately and to develop and exercise our abilities unencumbered by arrogance or self-deprecation.” (Entwistle, 2015). According to Entwistle, the
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