Advantages Of Ethical Relativism

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My purpose in this essay is to explain and evaluate ethical relativism. Ethical relativism states that there are no moral absolutes, therefore, no moral right or wrong. While this theory does have many advantages to it, such that it can promote acceptance and equality, I have to disagree with this theory. I believe there has to be some moral truths in order for society to not become chaotic. Ethical relativism, or also known as moral relativism, denies that moral values and norms are objective or universal and declares that there are no absolute truths. The truth is relative to the subject and can differ from person to person and from society to society. Ethical relativism states that our morals and values alter and change over time. There…show more content…
While ethical relativism has its advantages, such as that it could create a peaceful society, that is not always the case. Relativism does not accept that certain moral values are universal. Just because cultures differ, that does not mean there are no moral values and norms, like murder or child abuse. Determining what is morally right or wrong is a difficult thing, and each individual has a different belief about it. So, by allowing everyone to follow their own moral code, it could lead to a chaotic society. If you are upset at someone, you can kill that person without any consequences because your moral code accepts murder. There is no real way to keep people safe in this type of society, and each person is responsible for protecting themselves. While ethical relativism can promote people coming together, it can also encourage people to stay away from one another. Because each person does not know what values and norms another person has, in order to keep oneself safe, it causes people to draw away from others. Another reason why I disagree with this theory is because it is self-contradictory by stating that two views can both be right. If it is true that nothing is right or wrong, then why believe this theory if there are no absolute truths? By stating that there are no objective truths, that is an objective
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