Upright Vs Exercise Bike Essay

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Upright Vs Recumbent Exercise Bikes Having an exercise bike at home is always a good option instead of going to gym. This is particularly useful when you are late from work. You cannot afford to miss your workout just because you are late form work. Exercise helps you in keeping healthy; they help you lose weight and have better cardiovascular output. According to American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) exercise bikes provide effective, safe and low impact cardiovascular activity. There are a number of exercise bikes available in the market and there are different models in each type from which you can select the best exercise bike after considering various factors such as your fitness level, are you a beginner or a frequent gym goer, your…show more content…
• Costlier compared to Upright Exercise Bikes Comparison of Upright vs Recumbent Exercise Bikes Upright Exercise Bikes Recumbent Exercise Bikes Light in weight Heavier in weight The bike is held at a stable position, a rigorous exercise may cause the bike to fall There is no chance of falling as the bike is heavy Your hands are engaged and have to hold the handle Weight is evenly distributed between back and lower body. You can take a back seat and relax. No need to put your hands on the handle Weight lies on the buttock, hands and feet The body is to be in hunched position while workout, back and neck will be bent slightly Encourages better spine structure. The ergonomic design puts less strain on the back and neck It occupies less space and is foldable It occupies definite space Affordable Expensive It is not a good option for long time workout It is a good option for long time workout as it comes with a comfortable seat High center of gravity, chances of person falling from the bike are higher Small seat which is not comfortable Cycling will not be in body’s natural position; this may result in early fatigue apart from aches and

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