Advantages Of Explicit Method

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Using Explicit or Implicit methods to teach grammar is a big debate with support for both sides. Explicit teaching methods are clear, concise and easily measurable, but are also long, tedious and boring. On the other end of the scale is Implicit methods, they are often seen as more effective, less boring and more interactive, but like Explicit teaching methods, it also have cons, like being difficult to measure, not being concise or clear. So both have pros and cons and are exactly the opposite of each other. So why do some support the one and rest the other? Well over time teachers have been using explicit methods for various reasons, for example it is something that is measurable. Parents and department heads often want to see progress in the form of numbers and putting number on something abstract is not always easy or possible hence the use of explicit methods. On the other hand explicit methods are often experienced as very boring which entails that student would often lose focus in the subject, thus meaning more time spend teaching the subject. So how can we get the benefits of both? It must be understood that there are different stages of learning a language; one the Initial or beginning phase, two the Intermediate or secondary phase and thirdly Mastery of final phase of learning a language. Often it is seen that a student is exceling in the language when it comes to reading and writing, but when you are trying to converse with the student they have trouble with
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