Advantages Of Exploratory Research

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Exploratory research
Major objective of exploratory research is to gain ideas and insights about decision problems that are unclear and vaguely defined. The main methods to lunch an exploratory research are including:

Methods of Exploratory Research:

Experience Survey
An experience survey simply means asking knowledgeable people sometimes called key informants about the problem you are trying to understand.

Focus groups
Focus groups usually refers to a group of usually 10 or fewer individuals. The group usually gathered by volunteers together to discuss a particular product or idea. They asked a series of questions or give statements, they are free to share their views, thoughts and reactions. Hence, the information about how to solve the problem would be told.

Literature search
The academic literature search, which includes the existing knowledge, including substantive results, and text contributions to the theory and methods of a particular topic. Literary criticism auxiliary source. In the other word, this is a type of secondary data collection.

Conclusive research
Conclusive research prefer to use statistical tests, advanced analytical techniques and larger sample sizes to exploratory research compared the number of conclusive studies are more inclined to use, rather than quality technology

Methods of Conclusive Research:

Cross-sectional study was originally developmental psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology, epidemiology studies used research,
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